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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The Standing Seam metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology. It fulfils the building owner’s need for durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather.

Roof-It’s Standing Seam metal roofing can now be seen on virtually every type of building, from residential to commercial and industrial building offering trouble free performance with little or no maintenance, time or expense.

Roof-It’s Standing Seam metal roofing Systems is quickly becoming the preferred roofing system because it is:

  1. Weather tight. It is designed as a water barrier. The raised seams assist drainage.
  2. Concealed sliding clips handle thermal shock for permitting movement without damage.
  3. Cost effective. Standing Seam metal roofs pay for themselves from the day they are installed. Life expectancy is longer, less maintenance is required and life cycle costs are lower than any other type of roof.



Color-Coordinated and Corrosion Resistant. Offering a wide range of color, along with the conceal clip system, the standing seam roof is one of the most attractive roofing systems for almost any building. Metal roof panels resist corrosion with the help of a zinc, aluminium, or aluminium zinc alloy metallic coating applied to the base steel.

Product Features

Roof-It manufactures custom roll formed standing seam roofing panels, what that means is the panels are roll formed to your specific requirements ensuring proper length and correct panel coverage. The roof panels are then secured to the roof frame using concealed pre engineered clips which are tested to withstand wind forces up to 110 km/h.

Fastening through the roof panel is avoided at all times as this virtually eliminates holes which tend to elongate with thermal movement and cause leaks. The 1 3/4" high raised seams offers the best protection for low-sloped roofing applications.



Paint Systems

Durability and lasting value of our materials depends largely on the paint finish, for this reason we use the premium paint system exclusively.

There are three types of paint systems commonly used on our Standing Seam panels, these are:

  1. Silicone Modified Polyester
  2. Polyvinylidene Fluoride )PVF 2)
  3. Kynar 500

Soffit (Eave Ceiling)

Recommended by Architects, Consultants and Homeowners as the most suitable and practical ceiling material for the exterior eaves of your building. Some of its advantages are:

  1. Versatile in either 28 or 26 Gauge
  2. Pre-painted baked on finish in either Kynar 500 or Silicone Modified Polyester in a wide range of colors
  3. Easy Maintainance
  4. Durability

Can be rolled formed in either a flat or styrated panel each with a different appearance